May 07, 2012 by brian

Sportsvite Partners with Serve® from American Express

Sportsvite’s game plan has always been to make it easier and more enjoyable to participate in sports activities. An aspect of the sports experience that we’ve always wanted to tackle is how teammates and group members can easily share payments or fees. It should be easier to pay a brother back!

There are various costs to divvy up for sports activities including league fees, equipment, uniforms, ref costs and field or gym time. Even those watermelon slices are being paid for by someone! It’s often inefficient to collect payments from a large group and it can leave the team captain or group leader in a bind.

Sportsvite is pleased to announce a partnership with Serve from American Express. Serve is a reloadable prepaid account and digital commerce platform that makes it easier for people to pay each other. Serve allows you to organize your money, send and receive funds instantly by email, txt and Facebook, and manage payment requests – all from a single, unified online account.

Serve callouts and links have been integrated throughout the Sportsvite community especially within the use cases that often involve payments. Serve is also promoted through team management features, the Sportsvite Weekly email, and new member account and invite notifications.

Sportsvite is also partnering with many of the top sport leagues and organizations through the LeagueApps platform and the Sportsvite Recreational Sports Network. Notify your league commissioner if your sports organization and its players can utilize Serve. Your league can complete this survey form to be considered for the marketing partnership.

Sportsvite is pumped for the value that Serve brings to our community of sports participants. Here are some of the top benefits that will make it easier to manage your team outside the lines and allow you to focus on what happens on the playing field.

Send & Receive Payments Through Mobile Devices
Players interact with their teammates on the field, not in front of their computers, so it’s important to have a flexible multi-platform solution to share payments. With the Serve mobile app a player can manage their account and send or receive money on the go.

Make Team Purchases With Your Serve Card
When player set up their Serve account they will also receive a reloadable prepaid card that can be used to make purchases wherever American Express® Cards are accepted. This allows your team to keep funds in a Serve account and make purchases using Serve throughout the season.

Create Subaccounts For Teammates or Group Members
A team captain or manager can create Serve subaccounts and then transfer money into and out of the subaccount seamlessly, view spending activity and control access. It’s perfect for paying different fees throughout the season.

It’s Free!
It’s free to sign up for a Serve account. It’s also free to make person-to-person money transfers as well as making purchases with your Serve card.