Jan 29, 2012 by brian

Sportsvite Goes Waboba

The Sportsvite team was recently introduced to the phenomenon known as Waboba.  Waboba is based around a ball that bounces on water and is a highly addicting cross between Water Polo and Ultimate Frisbee.
Waboba has recently announced the  International Waboba Federation! With the help of the Sportsvite community, Waboba is looking for league partners and players to pick up their sport and offer games throughout the year.

The game is typically played two ways:

1. With goals – when water conditions are calm: Lakes, Outdoor/Indoor Pool, Beach
Goals are set up either 25m or 50m apart. 4 players from each team are in the water at a time – 1 goalie and 3 spread out in the “field”. The team that scores the most goals wins. Each pass must bounce on the water, even when scoring.

2. No goals – when surf is too active at the beach.
If conditions are too rough, then players play by open water game rules where no goals are used and players must keep the ball away from defending team in order to successfully pass the ball to each team member in order to score a point. The ball cannot be picked up. It must bounce on the water and be caught.


Gametime: 30 mins
Players: Ages 15-35, Coed, 6 players/team
Fun Fact: Tackling is allowed, but not the player who has the ball.

As a IWF league partner, Waboba will offer discount pricing on products and social/marketing support, which includes: prizes for winning teams, listing games/leagues on waboba.com, and spreading the word via Facebook & Twitter.

If you are a league or sports organization interested in adding Waboba to your list of sports offered, please email Jordan@waboba.com to receive a free sample of the Waboba Pro ball and a PDF of the IWF team packet with complete rules.