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POINT 3 Basketball Gives New Meaning to “For Us By Us”

Try playing pick-up hoops while sporting a cotton T-shirt? By the 2nd game you’re sweating worse than Patrick Ewing in the 4th quarter. Your T starts to weigh you down and stick to your body like a surf suit. Suddenly you’re getting beat down the court by a guy twice your size. All because of some perspiration and a wardrobe malfunction.

Atlanta-based POINT 3 Basketball was established to provide hoopsters with quality, functional gear and solve the types of basketball quandaries that other brands haven’t. POINT 3 was started about a year ago by CEO Michael Luscher, who previously worked for the NFL, MLB and most recently at a sports tech start-up called Blue Sombrero (think LeagueApps for youth soccer). Luscher, an avid ballplayer himself, started POINT 3 Basketball out of a need for basketball apparel that would truly cater to the player and his tendencies. Ex. To solve the sweat problem, POINT 3 developed sleeveless T’s made of DRYV Moisture Control, which absorb the sweat and keep your hands and face dry. They even added anti-bacterial technology to keep players from stinking up the joint.



POINT 3 seems to be able to pinpoint issues that every basketball player has come across at one time or another. Their shorts have an inseam that curves along the knee to prevent your shorts from getting in the way when you bend down to guard your man. Their SAK gear bag has a built-in drink holder and an opening large enough for a basketball. Best of all, POINT 3 has a hoodie that’s tailor-made for outdoor shoot-arounds- with elbow pleats and extra room in the back for mobility, a trimmed hood for better peripheral vision, and special pockets for your I-pod. These guys have the vision of Steve Nash in the open court!

Any basketball player that has ever wanted an upgrade in apparel can take comfort in a company whose focus is to design cool gear that will elevate the player experience. The folks at POINT 3 have been in our sneakers, so they know what they’re doing. Check out their full story on their website.



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