Jan 10, 2011 by asaf

NYC Soccer Collective: Winter Polar Bear Soccer Divisions NOW OPEN!

NYC Soccer Collective founder Dana Dimon grew up in Southern California, where there was no shortage of competitive Coed leagues to play in. Hoping to find that same burst of Coed soccer activity when she moved to New York in the early 90’s, she was surprised to find that there was NOT ONE league solely dedicated to Coed play. Dimon tried joining an “open” divison that welcomed women, but quickly saw that a lot of the guys she played with weren’t thrilled about sharing the field with women: “I joined and the guys wouldn’t pass to me. Even after I stripped the opponent of the ball and scored a goal.”

So Dimon took matters into her own hands (and feet) by setting out to fill the void in NYC’s Soccer community. She founded NYC Soccer Collective in 2004 and has since lived up to the tag line “sexy soccer in the city” by creating an energetic coed environment. One of the organization’s claims to fame is its year-round outdoor competition- going on 6 years and running!

The WINTER POLAR BEAR SOCCER DIVISIONS include a Wed night Polar Bear Pickup Division (at DeWitt Clinton field) for players of all skill levels, and a Thurs night Coed & Mens leagues (at Pier 40) for those fierce Landon Donovanesque competitors. Dimon loves everything about Winter Soccer- from the competition to the extracurriculars: “Winter season is mostly about fun and feeling like an invincible rockstar (and post game hot toddies!). Indeed, the players love playing in the winter too. Kevin Donahue (of Team Barracuda) says, “Playing in winter gives me an opportunity to wear my hot pants. And my dad says it builds character.”

Registration is now open for all divisions, with games beginning this week (January 10th).


This is so interesting! I wish I was back in NYC!

by Javi on April 30, 2011 at 9:51 pm

I actually have played in the 7 vs 7 Co-Ed Fall Friday night league and love it. We are going to be playing for the first time in the Polar Bear league and are psyched. Kudos to Dana and all the refs (especially our boy George) for putting together a great league we all look forward to.

by Joe on December 20, 2011 at 3:40 pm