Aug 30, 2010 by Nick

Introducing LeagueApps

Hello, World. Meet LeagueApps.

After hundreds of conversations with adult rec league organizers and thousands of hours of development, the Sportsvite team launched LeagueApps in private beta in July. We have several leagues using the platform to manage their business online and countless more on deck to use the software.

What is LeagueApps?

LeagueApps is a full-featured, white-label solution that provides adult rec league organizers with all the tools they need to manage their business online. At the core of the solution is a powerful payment and registration module that will allow you to collect both payments and valuable information about your members. Other available features include a custom website, content management system, schedule generator, scores/standings, member messaging (e-mail marketing and broadcast messages) and reporting. And since this is a web-based solution, all future feature enhancements are made available to customers when they login to the manager’s console (NO downloads!).

5 reasons you should contact us to view an online demo:

  1. LeagueApps is the ONLY solution in the marketplace that is dedicated to solving the pain points of adult rec league organizers.
  2. LeagueApps is a white-label, full-featured solution – you control all aspects of your custom website from branding to content to business rules.
  3. LeagueApps is fully-integrated – you can control all aspects of your business on one platform with a single login.
  4. LeagueApps boasts a robust registration and payment processing module that will increase your rate of collection and, ultimately, drive exponential revenue.
  5. LeagueApps is easy-to-use. Spend less time managing your league and more time growing it!

Intrigued? We thought you might be. Do yourself a favor and contact Brian Litvack for an online demo at brian [at] sportsvite [dot] com.

Schedule a Demo

I have my own website – can I still use LeagueApps?

Well, of course you can. It’s no accident that the word “apps” is included in the branding of our solution. We offer two ways to use LeagueApps: one-stop shop and integrated. If you have your own website and you’re happy with it, you’ll want to choose the integrated approach. You can configure your league registrations, schedules and standings in the back-end of LeagueApps and grab the code to drop on your website. You have full control over the look and feel (branding, logos, colors, fonts, etc.), so the user experience will remain consistent throughout the entire process.

Nov 01, 2009 by samir

The Internet’s Biggest Rec Sports Bulletin Board (for real!)

Everyone has their lazy moments. Some people like to procrastinate cleaning their house, others don’t feel like looking through Sportsvite to find people to play with. Well Sportsvite has come up with an answer for the latter laziness — Bulletin Boards! Need players for a game or team? Looking for a game or an activity partner? Easy! Just post a bulletin, and it will show up on relevant people’s bulletin matches. Additionally, you can see your bulletin matches on the right side of your clipboard.

Bulletins are a great way to let the community know what you’re looking for. Sportsvite member Sarah from East Hanover, NJ, was able to use bulletins to find a soccer team. Here are some interesting bulletins that I’ve come across in the Sportsvite universe:

Joseph in Boston is looking to curl. Catherine suggests Broomstones in Wayland… Any native Beantowners out there care to join?

A.J. over in LA would like to find some over 40’s for Gaelic Football, which is a mix of team handball and soccer. This is a great fall sport for anyone who wants to do something different than soccer.–gaelic-football-california-club-rules

Or for those in the Chicago area who have the soccer craving, the Chicago Burn needs some more players!—chicago-burn

On the more alternative side, Tomasz is looking for more soldiers to join his paintball team, Sacrament of War! Be careful though, their specialty is deathball.

Lastly, the semi-pro Charles County Lions football team are looking for dancers for their newly formed Cheerleading Team. Any young women in the DC area who love dancing might want to check this out!

Good reasons to create or browse bulletins:

  • You need players for your game
  • Your team is looking for players
  • You’re looking for a game
  • You’re looking for an activity partner
  • You have a question!

There are always lots of interesting people around the country looking to be active and have fun, so why not give the boards a gander, or better yet, make your own bulletin!

Aug 05, 2009 by brian

The Sportsvite Weekly – Read All About It

Hopefully, you’ve noticed a new Sportsvite email in your inbox each Monday or Tuesday morning.   A few weeks ago we launched the Sportsvite Weekly email newsletter. The goal of the “Weekly” is to deliver a concise snapshot of all that is happening in a member’s local rec sports scene. The Weekly consists of a few different sections;

Personal Alerts and Updates

The Weekly has links to a member’s unread messages, pending requests and upcoming sports event and activites. It also provides a link to quickly update the sports status message.

Compatible Players

Displays new players in your area who share similar sports interests. Includes profile thumbnails and links to the players. Also includes a link to view even more compatible players.

Teams & Groups

Displays teams and groups in your area that are looking for playersBulletinsLocal bulletin messages from the Sportsvite Community


We usually include a promotion from Sportsvite, a league partner, or occasional an advertiser or sponsor

So far, so good. We’ve had an encouraging response to the Weekly and the open and click through rates have been great. It super easy to unsubscribe for those old curmudgeons who don’t want to be bothered. We want to make sure this newsletter stays fresh and are always searching for new ways to make it more useful, informative and interesting. Get in touch if you have feedback or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you (and will send you a Sportsvite head band for a good idea — got to keep that precious brain protected).

Here is a screenshot of the newsletter:

sample newsletter

Sep 04, 2008 by brian

Setting Up Your Team On Sportsvite in 10 minutes

A few friends recently asked me to help set up their teams on Sportsvite for their fall softball seasons. I figure this would be something that could benefit all team captains on Sportsvite so decided to turn it into a blog post. Hope you find this helpful. Please email us if you have any questions.

1. Visit Teams Page
Click on “Teams” on the main horizontal nav bar or “My Teams” on the sidebar and then select “Create A Team” (orange button)

2. Choose the sport your team will play.

3. Enter all of your team information.
Make sure you think of a good team email address. This will be used to create a listserv of all active members on your team. It will also be applied to the unique url of the sportsvite webpage for your team. Pay special attention to the “team play status” section at the bottom. Mark down if your team is looking for additional players or wants to accept challenges from other teams. This will allow other sportsvite members to know if they should contact you.

Sportsvite Add New Team Profile

4. Invite players to your team
Invite all of the players on your team by adding their email addresses. You can also import their emails from your address book or select members on your player list. Send out one of our eloquently crafted pre-written message or write your own note. Once players have accepted your invitation you can assign them co-captain privileges (create games and invite players to the team) or even assign players to the bench if they don’t end up playing on the team.


Add Players To Team


Once your team has been created and your teammates have been invited the very next thing to do is create your schedule…



1. Click on the “add game” option under the “SCHEDULE” section of the left nav bar.
Enter the game title (this is often the two teams that are playing), the type of game and the date, time and location. If you have entered the same location from a past game you should be able find it in your “saved locations”.

  • Be sure to add the game to the correct season. If this is the first game you are creating for your team create a new season. This will help organize your schedule and record in future seasons.
  • Make the game “public” if you would like members from the sportsvite community to participate. Make it private if it’s just for your team.
  • Determine when you want the email invites sent out to players. You can determine the number of days before the game you players will be able to respond. You also have the option to send invites immediately or not at all (comes in handy if the game has already occurred and your just adding it to complete your schedule and record).

    2. Add the rest of the games to your schedule.
    Yup, for now you have to add one at a time. We’re figuring out how to make this easier so you can add your entire schedule in one shot!

    Once the schedule is competed add it to your online calendar through iCal, Outlook or RSS.

    Finally, last but not least, go check out or uniform section and use the Sportsvite discount to get some cool threads from our partners at CustomInk.

    So that’s all there is to it. Throughout the entire season, your teammates will get email messages before every game and can easily respond within seconds. No longer will you have to chase them down all week to avoid the dreaded forefeit! You can messag your entire team with a single email listserve address and have all of those messages accesbile on the chatter board. As the season progresses you’ll have your schedule, standings and game results all in one place. If you get real ambitious you can even add photos and videos and assign them to actual team games.

    Hopefully this will take less than 15 minutes and you are now on your way to an organized and stree free season that allows you to be a manager that would make Coach K proud.

    Good luck this season!

    May 08, 2008 by steve

    We’re Busy Making Some Big Product Improvements

    It’s been a little while since I’ve posted to the blog. That’s because we’ve been super busy for a few months now working on a much improved version of the product. We took a step back and looked at what we have, what’s working well, what’s not so much, and what would be great to add. Over the past year of operating the site, we’ve learned a great deal about what people want and what our focus should be. So, our goal with this new version is to take everything we’ve built and recast it into an all new “next generation” Sportsvite product – a new baseline that’ll allow us to expand and grow the product the way we want to.

    Server Help

    We’re pulling all the resources we can into this project. It’s a big job for our small team, but we’re nearly there. We’ve re-focused, re-organized, re-designed, re-factored, re-architected, and even re-built things. It’s been a large undertaking, and one we believe will be well worth it!

    Also, speaking of resources, a couple great new people joined Sportsvite’s product team in recent months. First, Ken came on board a few months ago to drive product management, and then Kirk joined a little while ago to write lots of awesome code. We’re rolling now, and looking forward to the upcoming releases!