May 07, 2012 by brian

Sportsvite Partners with Serve® from American Express

Sportsvite’s game plan has always been to make it easier and more enjoyable to participate in sports activities. An aspect of the sports experience that we’ve always wanted to tackle is how teammates and group members can easily share payments or fees. It should be easier to pay a brother back!

There are various costs to divvy up for sports activities including league fees, equipment, uniforms, ref costs and field or gym time. Even those watermelon slices are being paid for by someone! It’s often inefficient to collect payments from a large group and it can leave the team captain or group leader in a bind.

Sportsvite is pleased to announce a partnership with Serve from American Express. Serve is a reloadable prepaid account and digital commerce platform that makes it easier for people to pay each other. Serve allows you to organize your money, send and receive funds instantly by email, txt and Facebook, and manage payment requests – all from a single, unified online account.

Serve callouts and links have been integrated throughout the Sportsvite community especially within the use cases that often involve payments. Serve is also promoted through team management features, the Sportsvite Weekly email, and new member account and invite notifications.

Sportsvite is also partnering with many of the top sport leagues and organizations through the LeagueApps platform and the Sportsvite Recreational Sports Network. Notify your league commissioner if your sports organization and its players can utilize Serve. Your league can complete this survey form to be considered for the marketing partnership.

Sportsvite is pumped for the value that Serve brings to our community of sports participants. Here are some of the top benefits that will make it easier to manage your team outside the lines and allow you to focus on what happens on the playing field.

Send & Receive Payments Through Mobile Devices
Players interact with their teammates on the field, not in front of their computers, so it’s important to have a flexible multi-platform solution to share payments. With the Serve mobile app a player can manage their account and send or receive money on the go.

Make Team Purchases With Your Serve Card
When player set up their Serve account they will also receive a reloadable prepaid card that can be used to make purchases wherever American Express® Cards are accepted. This allows your team to keep funds in a Serve account and make purchases using Serve throughout the season.

Create Subaccounts For Teammates or Group Members
A team captain or manager can create Serve subaccounts and then transfer money into and out of the subaccount seamlessly, view spending activity and control access. It’s perfect for paying different fees throughout the season.

It’s Free!
It’s free to sign up for a Serve account. It’s also free to make person-to-person money transfers as well as making purchases with your Serve card.

Jun 22, 2010 by Nick

Sneak Peek: First look at LeagueApps

The Sportsvite team huddled up last fall and had a strategy session to see how we could better serve the recreational sports universe. Our answer: LeagueApps. A digital platform that would allow rec league organizers (the lifeline of adult rec sports) to manage their organizations.

We love to talk sports and have had hundreds of conversations with rec league organizers over the years. These rec league organizers mentioned time after time that they wanted a robust league management solution that would allow them to manage their entire business on one platform. Yes, they could use one solution for schedule creation, another to process payments and a third to manage their website content – but separate platforms only added to the chaos of league management. And since they were utilizing different solutions, they had no way of seamlessly aggregating this information to better understand their customer base.

The Sportsvite team saw this and got right to work. The result of months of research and development is LeagueApps, a complete online sports league management solution. The input and advice from our friends in rec sports are baked into the solution and we think it’s going to be pretty sweet!

We’re scheduled to launch in private beta this July with a platform that will provide the following tools to rec league organizers:

  • Custom Website
  • League Registration
  • Payment Processing
  • Schedules, Standings & Results
  • Member Messaging Tools
  • Tracking & Reports


Following the initial releases of LeagueApps, we’ll continue to add and enhance functionality to address the needs of rec league organizers. The LeagueApps product roadmap includes a schedule generator, file management (upload and manage documents), additional payment processing options, enhanced newsletter functionality, mobile features and much more. We’d be more than happy to share our roadmap with you – send us an email or give us a call to discuss.

Bells and vuvuzelas aside, LeagueApps is powerful because it’s a complete solution that can be managed on a single platform. Since all of the information and data lives on the same platform, league organizers have real-time access to enhanced customer insight that will allow them to both market to and better serve their players and teams. This results in less time managing their leagues and more time growing them.

If you’re interested in learning more about LeagueApps, please contact Nick Begley at nick [at] sportsvite [dot] com or by phone at 646.660-9430.

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Jun 22, 2010 by brian

Men’s Health Kicks Sportsvite a Shout Out

Sportsvite received some sublte promotion in the June 2010 issue of Men’s Health magazine.

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research recreational soccer reduces risk of lower-back energy.  The study shows how soccer trains the core, leading to greater stabilization of the spine. Sounds about right. Men’s Health then threw Sportsvite a bone mentioning our website as a place to go to find a rec soccer league. Goal!

Oct 23, 2009 by brian

Sportsvite’s Newest Teammate: The Nets

Nets Logo

The Nets have always realized the value of connecting with local amateur adult basketball players in their community. Last season, the Nets organized a 3-on-3 basketball promotion that was played at the IZOD center. Coming up on November 8th, head coach Lawrence Frank will host a coaches clinic and instructional lecture at the Nets practice facility. Also, the Nets players actually purchased 600 season tickets to share with underprivileged youth groups and community organizations.

So as the 2009-10 season is about to begin, Sportsvite and the Nets are again figuring out how to work with the Nets to reach out to basketball players/fans in the tri-state area.

Let’s cut to the chase, this means we have FREE Nets tickets and special discount offers for Sportsvite members! The Nets have been generous enough to give us a pair of tickets for the first three home games of the season that we can pass along to you.

Enter the Contest!

Entering our contest for free tickets is pretty simple. All you need to do is create a new Sportsvite bulletin and post it on the Sportsvite Facebook Fan page. We’ll pick one random entry for each game from all of the submissions. Hurry, submissions will only be accepted until the deadline listed below for each game. Not on the Facebook bandwagon? You can still enter to win by sending your bulletin via email to Sportsvite team member Nick B at


Nets vs. Magic — Friday, October 30 at 8:00
Deadline: 2pm ET on Wednesday, October 28
Vince Carter makes his return on Opening Night


Nets vs. Nuggets — Wednesday, November 4 at 7:30
Deadline: 12 midnight ET on Sunday, November 1
Chauncey, Melo and K-Mart visit the IZOD Center


Nets vs. Celtics — Saturday, November 7 at 7:30
Deadline: 5pm ET on Wednesday, November 4
Check out Boston’s Big 3

Discounted Tickets

You can still order select seats for the home opener against the defending Eastern Conference Champion Orlando Magic for 50% off the regular price. Plus, you’ll also receive 50% off hot dogs, candy and non-alcoholic beverages! Click here to learn more about the offer and to order your tickets.

Special Ticket Prices 50% OFF
$87.50 each (Regular price is $175, lower level)
$50 each (Regular price is $100, lower level)
$20 each (Regular price is $40, upper level)

How do I post a bulletin on Sportsvite?

Follow these six easy steps…

  1. Log in to Sportsvite.
  2. Visit the Bulletin Boards section on
  3. Click on the blue CREATE A POST button in the top right corner.
  4. Select the Bulletin Board category from the list of six that best fits your request and click on it.
  5. Fill in the fields for your post: Title, Date Needed (optional), Sport and Message.
  6. Click the blue Create My Post button.

Sep 21, 2009 by Nick

Nick B. Joins The Sportsvite Team

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to the Sportsvite Community as the new Senior Marketing Manager of Sportsvite. I have been a Sportsvite member since 2007, so I jumped at the opportunity to merge my career with my passion. I grew up in suburban New York City, but spent the last 6 years in Orlando, FL, before heading back up north earlier this month.

My path to 460 Park Avenue South began at Mount Saint Mary College, a small liberal arts college in Newburgh, NY, where I earned a B.A. in Public Relations. My undergraduate experience also included a very influential semester abroad at Middlesex University in London – the birthplace of my passion for the sport of soccer. I continued my education as part of the DeVos Sport Business Management program at the University of Central Florida, completing a dual Master’s degree that included a MBA and MSBM. My professional career has been a blend of sports marketing management and online marketing with organizations such as the Orlando Magic, MVP Sports Clubs and XOS Technologies.

I have had an affinity for playing and watching sports for as far back as I can remember. I grew up in a neighborhood filled with kids around my age (including a couple brothers) that shared my passion for athletics. From three-on-three basketball games to wiffle ball to tackle football, we played along with the seasons. I also spent my childhood on the baseball diamond, playing Little League baseball under the tutelage of my Dad from the time I was five years old. And when the weather didn’t cooperate with us, we relocated into the living room and created an indoor version of the sport in season (my Mom was never a huge fan of our ingenuity). We were also mimicking the swings of MLB players like Tim Teufel and Darryl Strawberry (yes, I’m a lifelong Mets fan) way before there was a Batting Stance Guy.

As an adult, I continue to play rec sports including pick-up basketball, college intramurals and soccer, volleyball and softball as part of the local sport and social club in Orlando. I’ve never been the best athlete on the field, but I take pride in my ability to play just about every sport respectably. I consider myself to be a fairly competitive guy (I’m not interested in playing if we’re not keeping score), but have also learned to have fun within the competitive climate. My definition of fun includes light trash talking, always rocking a headband and the occasional (well, incessant) use of the behind-the-back pass on the basketball court. I look forward to interacting with you online and, perhaps, you’ll be on the receiving end of one of those behind-the-back passes sometime in the future.

Drop me a note and say hey. You can find me on Sportsviteor twitter.